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 Class Descriptions


All About Acne Care & Teens - In this informative class acne issues will be addressed for both teen and adults.  Learn what Acne is, the best way to treat it, and protocols for healthy skin that are easy to do.

An Amazing Journey with Herbs- Learn basic knowledge of herbs, body systems, science and the ancient art of herbal healing.  An overview of body structure & function and the relationship they have with plants.  Basic concepts, terminology, herbal preparation, identification and much more.  You will begin the process of creating a Materia Medica.150-hour program between class time and home study.  Class will meet on one Sundays a month alternating two Sundays a month over a seven-month span.  Most supplies will be included. 

Art of Herbal Tea- 
Come learn the fine art of herbal teas.  We will talk about what it takes to create the perfect cup, brewing suggestions, accessories, herb flavors, and what the difference is between tea and an herbal tea.  Then you will create an herbal blend that you will be able to take home.  Supplies included.

Basic Sugar & Salt Scrubs- In this fun
hands-on class we will learn about different essential oils and herbs for relaxation.  Understand the ingredients in organic bath salts, the steps to make your own to take home or give as a gift and have a cup of relaxing tea while we are together.  Supplies are included.

Beeswax Candle Making- Decorate your holiday table with natural beeswax candles you made yourself.  Easy to make, burn without smoking or dripping, and make a great gift.  Supplies are included

Dream Time & Tea- Learn what herbs are used for sleeping and dream time.  Gain a basic understanding behind the symbols we see in dreams, try dream tea and make a dream pillow.  We will also talk about dream journals and how to use them.  All supplies included. Some hand sewing is required.

Earth Chanting: Singing with Our Ancestors- Chanting is a wonderful way to invite Spirit into our hearts.  When we participate in the act of chanting it is considered an act of love.  This class is for anyone who wants to connect and open themselves up to the divine through chanting.  Come, let’s sing with our Ancestors.

Essential Oil Chakra Bracelet- 
Come to learn the relaxing benefits of essential oils, get a foundation in the Chakra system and how they correlate with the oils along with different stones that support each chakra.  A brief meditation will open the energies of the stones and oils that will support us on our journey.  Make your own essential oil chakra bracelet with the stones that will help facilitate not only relaxation but also help in healing. 

Fire Cider 101- Making fire cider is a long-standing herbal tradition; using a great old thyme herbal recipe.  This herbal remedy combines vinegar,
herbs, and veggies.  It boosts the natural health processes, stimulates digestion, increases circulation and helps warm you up on those cold, winter days. Once registered a list of supplies will be sent out.

Herbal Vinegars- 
Herbal vinegars are easy and fun to make.  Using herb-infusedvinegar is not only nourishing and nutritious but a great way to work with the power and very heart of herbs.  They have many uses from being a tonic, a food, andmedicine. Learn to make your very own herbal infused vinegar.  Class size is limited.  Supplies included.

Herbal Winter Tonics- In this hands-on class we will discuss the best herbs to help with Winter season issues and to help keep the immune system strong during the long winter months.  Herbal recipes, which herbs to use and how to create tonics are the bases of the night.  Each participant will make an herbal tonic to take home.  Supplies included.

Himalayan Singing Bowl Level 1- Himalayan Singing Bowls have a long history and not for the reasons we have been told.  The bowls vibration, when played, breaks up any blocks in the energy field allowing life force to flow unrestricted. We will look at the history of bowls, different type of bowls, how to choose them and care for them and a protocol.  There will be time for practice with the bowls. Bowls are supplied or bring your own.  This is a prerequisite for Level 2. 

Himalayan Singing Bowl Level 2- In this class
, we will build upon what was learned in Level 1.  Do a brief review and move on to the energetics of the bowl and working with chakras.  We will learn a session protocol to work on others and incorporate more bowls.  There will be plenty of hands-on practice along with meditations to help us align with this amazing work.  Bowls are supplied in the class or bring your own.  This is a prerequisite for Level 3.

Home Circle- Wisdom and learning have been passed down for generations in circles.  We learn through sharing thoughts, philosophies, listening and being both student and teacher.  A home circle is a great way to explore and improve physic abilities,
skills, and techniques with the help and support of like-minded people.  The group will meet every Monday and there is a level of commitment to the group that needs to be made, this is not a drop-in class.  Once the group limit is reached this will be a closed group.

Introduction to Pendulums Module 1- Module 1 will look at a brief history of the pendulum, different types used, what they can and cannot do, and begin to work with them.  This is a prerequisite
to Module 2. 

Introduction to Pendulums Module 2- Module 2 builds upon what was learned in Module 1.  Using various exercises, we delve deeper into pendulum dowsing.  By working as a group and with partners we begin to increase our skill.  Module 1 & 2 are perquisites to take the workshop: Working with the Pendulum.

Journey with the Celtic Trees - Take a magical journey with the Trees of the Celtic Calendar.  We will learn about this ancient way and the amazing healing powers of the trees via stories, meditations, 
ceremonies and collage work.  We will meet once a month.  Once the group limit is reached this will be a closed group.

Mala Making: The Art of Prayer Beads - Mala Beads are known by many names and are found in cultures all around the world.   In this class will explore their history, uses, and creating sacred space around them.  We will look at the stones that are used for the many
why.  Make a wrist mala to take home.  All materials are included.

Night of Orbs: Myth or Reality –J
oin us for an informative and experiential evening understanding the phenomenon of Orbs.  We will discuss different theories as to what they are along with my thoughts and experiences working with them.  Please bring your digital cameras.

Reiki I – The wonderful healing art of Reiki is a gentle form of Japanese laying on of hands.  Anyone can learn how to do this healing work on themselves and others.  We will learn about the history, the 
key players, receive the level 1 attunement, session protocol for yourself and others, and be able to have hands-on practice.   

Reiki II – Building upon Reiki 1 take the next step on the Reiki path. you will learn three Reiki Healing Symbols, learn how to 
do a LDH (long distant healing), receive the Reiki II attunement, hands-on practice, and go over logs and questions.

The Science of Smudging - The dictionary defines Smudging as an act of cleansing using herbs to bless or purify the energy of a space or person.  Come join us as we talk about the history of this ancient tradition, various techniques/ceremony’s, and the different types of plants that can be used.