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January, February & March.

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Liquid Radha is a Branford, CT-based musical caravan created by Steph D'Aniello & Mark Zarrillo to spread their love of kirtan and build community.  Their combined musical influences are vast-ranging-from jazz to classic rock to old-school R&B, to the indigenous music of Africa and to Mystical India.  When they aren't practicing the repetition of the Name, they are listening to various musical influences, gathering ideas and inspiration that they weave together to create their own interpretation of traditionally inspired northern Indian street kirtan.

Tarot, Runes and intuitive channeling!
Wolf Moon Eduardo picked up a tarot deck 27 years ago and has never stopped reading them. He developed his gift for 15 years before entering the professorial world.
Trusting his intuitive nature and sense of his environment, he has naturally embraced other ancient modalities of reading; fire and mirror scrying (reading), and the ancient runes.  
Wolf Moon Eduardo will always sum up his craft with his favorite quote from Ray Charles, "it's gonna do what it's gonna do baby!".

Irene Watson is a Colchester resident who has her BS and MS in education as well as a Certificate from T. Colin Campbell’s course in Plant-Based Eating from eCornell. She was a lapsed vegetarian who returned to eating a whole foods, plant -based diet in 2012. In doing so, she lost 50 lbs, and eliminated daily aches and pains, as well as an auto-immune disorder. She enjoys teaching people the delicious secrets of vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds, and how to prepare them.

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Greetings Everyone:

It is that time of year again, Old Man Winter is officially here in CT.  As I shoveled after the first snow, the morning sun came out and the snow sparkled as if it was made of a million diamonds.  I was in awe of the simple beauty that mother natures decided to share with me.  I felt very grateful and at peace.  

The new class schedule is up and ready.  We have a couple of new ones and some favorites like:  Making your own Malas and The Art of Herbal Teas.  We have some guest teachers coming to visit and do classes on healing, Vibrational sound and much more.  So go on, check out our class page, sign up and let's have some fun. I am happy to announce our Healing Share that will be the last Tuesday of the month and any modality is welcome and sharing our gift is magical.  

We are also excited and pleased to have with us, Wolf Moon Eduardo, Rhode Island’s Best Tarot Reader.  

With Many Blessings.   Namaste

Meet the Instructors.

Rev. Dr. JeMaja Selas is a Reiki Master, Vortex Healer, and Qigong Healing Practitioner.  She is a Teacher and Healer of Esoteric Healing art and a Soul Alchemist.  She has a love for crystals and is a Certified Master of Crystalology – Hands of Spirit.  

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